The Eco-friendly Hotel
ecologic hotel
The team of the Hotel de Champagne introduced several simple things that allow to protect the environment, as par example our cleaning ladies who sort waste.

Its attitude is based on 6 strategic points:
  1. to limit energy consumption (to stop air-conditioning in the morning, electric light bulbs with low energy consumption…)
  2. to limit water consumption (to control the rate of water in taps, to control the consumption to prevent the leak of water, to ask our clients if they want to use their towels several days…)
  3. to promote the usage of renewable resources
  4. to promote the usage of the less dangerous material for the environment (to use white vinegar to clean bedrooms, usage of ecologic paint…)
  5. to limit the waste production (to sort waste, not to use not recyclable or not compostable disposable products, not to use disposable shower products…)
  6. to promote communication and environment education  of our team.

These simple things of Ecological attitude are a small drop in the ocean of our mass consumption… but they can’t leave us insensitive.